Corporate Group

The ERCAM Group consists of a team of experts with vast knowledge in the management, development and operation of our products and services. They all use their expertise to help our clients optimize the way they manage energy.
ERCAM clients are all over Spain. Currently, as a part of our international expansion and abiding by our company’s strategy, we are opening new branches in:

  • Europe: Aside from our existing contacts in Greece and France, ERCAM ITALY and ROMANIA with ENERGOERCAM.
  • India: Infinite ERCAM SOLAR SYSTEMS Pvt Ltd.

The companies of the group:

  • Estructuras ERCAM: founded in the year 2006, with its headquarters in Brihuega, Spain, its purpose is to manufacture the ERCAM patented solar trackers.
  • Montajes Eléctricos ERCAM: based in Salamanca, it was created in 2007 to handle medium and low voltage electrical installations for its projects.
  • ERCALUM: headquarters in Guadalajara and established in 2008, it was created to undertake aluminium fabrication work, such as the new roof solar tracker developed by ERCAM.
  • SOLTERCAM: created in the year 2009 to continue the development of renewable HVAC business. The company designs, installs, remotely monitors and maintains renewable thermal systems and is classified as an ESE (Energy Services Enterprise). The company will continue to offer Renewable Thermal Solutions in all sectors: Industrial, Tertiary and Residential.


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