Environmental Policy

ENERGÍA ERCAM is a Company whose activities are the design, installation and assembly of solar equipment. Our policy is base don continous improvement to prevent and reduce negative environmental impacts that may result from their activities.

To achieve this ENERGÍA ERCAM has as basic strategic guidelines to implement and continuously improve the environmental management system in the organization, taking the commitment to meet the requirements of the UNE-EN-ISO 14001 normative.


  • Looks for constant compliance with legislation and regulations applicable in the various processes of our work, taking into account the trend of legislation and other requirements that the organization has established. The organization is committed to continuous improvement aimed at gradually increasing the good performance of the Company for the environment by setting environmental objectives and targets reviewed annually by management.

  • For ENERGÍA ERCAM is essential to know and consistently assess the environmental aspects inherent in the activities, engage in practices aimed at preventing pollution and minimizing the most sifnificant enviromental aspects and maintain good working relationships with Government, NGOs and public and private entities.       


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