Fixed Structure EF15 - 2 Poles


Over 400 MW installed within the last 5 years all around the world of our fixed structures, Single/Dual Axis Solar Trackers guarantee our design & engineering, our project management and our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

All the dimensions of the structure can be adjusted to the terrain slope and also to fit solar modules with different types or sizes. This makes, the Dual pole‐Fixed Structurea totally CUSTOMIZABLE STRUCTURE ACCORDING TO OUR CLIENTS NEEDS.A great ratio between price and power is offered by the structure, it makes this structure a profitable and reasonable option.

All the structures are designed and calculated following all the local norms and regulations (ASCE07, Euro-Code, SANS, etc.). In addition, the anticorrosive coating treatment is certified and a high quality fastener and bolts (Quality 8.8 SAE) is used.


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