Ercam builds solar parks in Romania


Ercam is building two solar parks in Romania, Remetea I and II of 1.1 MW each, and is ready to start construction of a much larger plant, 35MW, in Lazarea.When connected to the grid the Remetea plants will produce energy to supply 250 homes each while Lazarea could feed 8000 houses.

Remetea and Lazarea are two small towns with population 7000 and 3000 respectively, located in Harghita in the region of the Romanian Transilvania.

The Remetea parks started works in 2013 and will be connected to the grid in May 2014. The Lazarea plant is scheduled to connect in December 2014.

Local Job creation during construction of these plants is estimated to be 30 people for Remetea and up to 130 for Lazarea. 




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