Ercam completes construction of Kathu solar power plant (South Africa)

The construction of Kathu solar plant is coming to end (just Performance Ratio remaning) as a result of almost a year and a hlf of work by Energía Ercam.

This solar plant is the largest one ever built by Ercam. It has a capacity of 82 MW of power, as a comparision it is  approximately six times bigger than “La Robla” solar plant (the bigger one built by Ercam in Spain).

Measuring more than two kilometers length and with a total area of approximately 200 hectares it´s a sample of the South African clear investments in renewable energies, specially in photovoltaic energy. For this reason Energía Ercam founded new facilities in order to manufacture the trackers in South Africa.

The plant began producing electricity in January 2014, and it will be producing electricity at full capacity in the next few weeks.

Kathu is a perfect example of Ercam´s internationalization commitment of its solar business. Definitely sustainable energy is the future if we want to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and the ecological footprint.

Ercam, June 25, 2014.



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