500 MW in Dual Axis Trackers for San Antonio, Texas (USA)

ERCAM Trackers will supply 500 MW of its new dual axis tracker from 2013 to 2017 to San Antonio, Texas.

ERCAM TRACKERS LLC was born of the agreement between Energia ERCAM and the OCI group, a South Korean company and owner of the contract for the development and construction of various Alamo plants with a total power of 500 MW.


First Solar Farm in Algeria

ERCAM, subcontracted by ABB Italia, has started supplying the structures for the first solar farm in Algeria. The plant, located in Ghardaia, with an installed power greater than 1 Mw, and property of SONALGAZ, is going to be used as a testing plant for different PV panels and structures. The structures supplied are divided between fixed structures and tilted single-axis solar trackers.



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